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Dating Apps Basics - Part 2 : Bumble

Dating Apps Basics - Part 2 : Bumble

Next article in our basics serie. Checkout the first one on Tinder if you didnt! How does bumble work?

This week we focus on Bumble, the second most popular dating apps out there. It is only on phone for now.

Instead of spending hours discovering the tip and tricks, we have gathered the essentials for you here.

You'll know everything you need to know to get those matches flowing.

Read till the end to get a chance of getting an edge on competition!

Beyond matching lifting you up!


Unlike Tinder, Bumble has 3 modes:

  • Dating: to find new partner or relationship.
  • BFFs to find new friends.
  • Biz for business connections and building one or several careers.

Three ways of interacting with the profiles of people depending on what you want.

We will focus only on the dating part for this article.

Your profile

Your profile is composed of cards:

  • Your profile pictures.
  • A bio you wrote: a simple introduction of yourself.
  • Infos about you you possibly specified: astro sign, studies etc.
  • A localisation car with a distance position.
  • Possible prompts you have answered.

Prompts are like the ones on Tinder now. That's a very cool feature Bumble introduced a while ago.

They are basically questions you answer yourself.

Bumble prompts

When swiping, your potential matches will see one of your photos. They have to scroll to see the rest.

  • Swipes, bans and shadow bans mechanisms are the same as tinder.
  • Bumble being newer, it is still possible to use the reset of account by deleting it.

You can also link your Instagram and Spotify.

This is a good idea, both to give a better vision of you and your life, and to be put forth by the algorithm!

Always good to use everything at your disposal, your social media profiles are useful.

Basic Bumble Mechanics

So, like tinder you swipe left and right. But big difference, when you match, you can't do anything! And there are time limits.

  • The girl has 24hrs to message you and engage the conversation. You see a little time counter on your match list.
  • Once she has written to you, you have 24hrs to reply also. Don't forget to send a message before time is up.

What if she doesnt have time to write to you?

You have the possibility to give her an other 24hrs. But only once per girl! And once per day for free. Another chance of building a real relationship with that girl!

However, if you forgot to answer, you see the match becoming an expired match.

Other interesting point: The beeline. You see, blurred, your bumble match queue, and the number of possible matches.

Don't swipe to fiercely for hours and hours: you have a maximum number of match per day.


One shot: The premium features.

  • Superwipe most like the superlike, a prioritized like the girl is more likely to see.
  • Spotlight like a Tinder boost, you will be put under the lights for 30mins!

Reccuring: Different subscription options.

Bumble Boost: the first payment scheme. Once you subscribe to it you get:

  • To backtrack: nice thing when you swiped a bit fast!
  • Ability to extend time on matches, as previously described.
  • Unlimited swipes.
  • One Spotlight.
  • 5 SuperSwipes per week.

This plan is super efficient. But you can get more!

Bumble Premium

Premium gives you real VIP access to the app:

  • Access to unlimited Advanced filters
  • Access to your Beeline so you can see your admirers
  • Travel mode
  • Backtrack
  • Ability to extend time on your current matches
  • Rematch with users who have expired
  • Unlimited swipes
  • One Spotlight per week
  • Five SuperSwipes per week

An arsenal of weapons to get the most out of the app!

A little warning!

We talk about it in our Ebook to crush it on Tinder and dating apps! Go check it out. It should really help you out if you struggle.

Paying is a good thing to get results. But not on ANY TERMS. You need good foundations for that.

Don't hesitate to get your Tinder profile ROASTED. It will give you an idea of your profile's solidity.