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Everything you need to know about Hinge standouts 2022

Hinge might not be the first dating app that comes to mind when you're thinking, but it's one of the best and most innovative! Stop missing out on their features!
Everything you need to know about Hinge standouts 2022

Hinge might not be the first dating app that comes to mind when you're thinking about all the dating apps that are available — but it's one of the best, and they keep adding more features. As it grows fast, it would be a shame not to master it!

The standouts tab is one new feature, and we're going to explain it to you.

In this article you'll learn:

  1. What are Hinge standouts?
  2. How do you get featured in Hinge standouts?
  3. How do you like someone on the standouts tab?
  4. What are roses on Hinge?
  5. Is sending a rose the only way to like someone from standouts?
  6. Is using the standouts feature worth it?

Let's jump into it!

what are hinge standouts

What are Hinge standouts?

You know the basics of how dating apps work. You've got a feed full of users to look through, and decide if you're going to "like" or message any of the profiles that you find. The mechanics are different from one app to the next, but the idea is the same.

Many dating apps are starting to recognize swipe fatigue, and are offering ways to see top matches without spending all day scrolling.

Hinge's solution to this problem is the new standouts feature.

Hinge standouts are a curated list of potential matches that Hinge thinks are likely to be your best match based on your behavior on the app, as well as the quality of the standouts profile.

If you want to check it out, you can find the standouts tab by tapping on the star icon at the bottom of your screen.

The standouts feed is refreshed daily, which encourages you to stay active on the app.

how do you get featured in Hinge standouts

Well, first step is to have a kickass profile. And eventhough it is not enough, the first step is to review your pictures to make sure you shine like a diamond!

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But that's not it! As you know, it is a lot about algorithms nowadays!

Hinge is looking for the best prompt answers to feature, so this is one more reason to put thought into your answers.

Remember, one of the ways they determine the best answers is the attention you're already getting from other users. So you're not just trying to make the Hinge algorithm happy, you're trying to catch the eye of real users.

The more information Hinge has about you, the better chance they'll have of deciding you're a great catch. So fill out every part of your profile and do it thoughtfully, in order to get the most attention from other users, and to have a chance to make the standouts list.

how do you like someone in standouts

How do you like someone on the standouts tab?

Not only is the standouts tab a new feature, but with it comes a new way to interact on Hinge. Unlike in the regular Hinge feed, in standouts the only way to "like" someone is by sending a rose.

what are roses on hinge

What are the roses on Hinge?

Roses are the only way to get the attention of a user you found through standouts. You get one free rose every week, but you can always spend money to buy additional roses.

The more roses you buy, the more standouts you'll be able to send them to, hopefully leading to more matches.

sending a rose, only way to like

Is Sending A Rose The Only Way To Like Someone from The Standouts?

Yes. Once you're on someone's profile from the standout tab, the only way to "like" them is to send a rose.

It's possible that the same users will show up in your regular discover feed, but there's no guarantee of that. So if you see someone you're excited about through standouts, it might be worth sending a rose.

using hinge standouts worth it

Is using the standouts feature worth it?

While you might want to avoid spending money when you're using a dating app, the standouts feature is an easy way to find the best users.

Ultimately you need to decide how much time you're willing to spend on the app, and whether some paid features can give you a better overall experience. If you're serious about finding interesting matches, it might be worth the higher price point.

Even if you're not willing to purchase additional roses, you may as well use the free roses that Hinge gives you and see if you get results. Remember, you get one free rose every week, so be sure to use it well.

You can also take advantage of the standouts feature without spending more money by simply aiming to show up in the standouts list of other users by making the best profile you can.

I hope that you now see things more clearly. I love Hinge, but still love Tinder a lot!

May be due to my traveling habits.

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