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Pets and Dating Do's and Don'ts

Pets and Dating Do's and Don'ts

We continue our serie about what our data showed, after reviewing thousands of male profiles

This week, we go into the pets subject. Many people have that cute cat, the crazy dog they love or many other pets.

Even Tinder advised to show our dog in their article about Tinder photos.

I love data, therefore I really loved this article.

However, it is biased a LOT.

The first thing to prove it, this research on 5000 persons, says completely different:

  • Tinder says having a dog increases likes by 5%.
  • 29% in the latter research.

Why so different? They are missing the correct variables to study. Having a dog can be something really awesome for your profile of course. But you can also fall to appear try hard, clumsy or even weird.

What did we learn watching all those photos?


Your pet is cute, but you are more interesting than it!

The biggest mistake we see in many profiles: a picture of your pet alone. This may be suited for Instagram (and i'm not even sure, given the care of some clichés). But not on a dating app!

We don't have many pictures to give a girl a desire to swipe us right.

Not many because Tinder limits it.

But mostly because girls won't spend 30sec on each profile!


I would spend maximum 5sec, and swipe 3-5 pictures before deciding what to do.

Why would you spend 1 (or sometimes up to 3-4) photo(s) on your pet alone?


Will the girl date your pet?


A side error is doing the same with potential valuable things:

  • A nice car.
  • A beautiful villa.
  • A swimming pool.
  • A nice background during travel.

If we don't see you, it is 10x less interesting.


Animals belong mostly outside, or at least in great environment.

Another common mistake we see, is doing a cheap photo of the pet, usually inside.


Dont pose inside with your pet on Tinder


A photo in the living room can be nice, but like any other photo on Tinder, you can do way better on the background.

Think about that: Tinder is about standing out, compared to others.

Make the effort! It is super worth it.



The pose is important, make both of you shine!

You want to be the main attraction of your picture.

Not your pet.

Therefore, many pose are very cheap.

Usually they are the ones when you go down to your pet. Basically when the pet is posing and you are trying to stand in the picture.


Cheap dog pose tinder


Animals are often very photogenic.

Same as the background: make the effort, make it stand in YOUR picture.


Tinder pose great


Pets are a great way to make you shine. But mostly when they are not blatantly used on a staged picture.

Try to get an action shot. A cool background. Good pose, both of you standing proud.


Special one: The carry


The special one.

We saw MANY people that have a trend to carry their pet.

It could be an OK pose. But usually it makes you feel uncomfortable. You will not be as relaxed as if your arms are free.

And that is not good as you want to be fully relaxed when posing.


Carrying your pet bad on Tinder


Of course, you can still use your pet to make you shine. You two can find a way of  doing a perfect shot as a duo.


Make  the perfect duo with your pet


However, this one may be more the exception than the norm!

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