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Tinder The Best Conversation Starters 2021

Tinder is a popular dating app with over 50 million users. It has been called the “fastest growing mobile dating service”. How to stand out? How to best start your conversations? Learn everything in this article, and some practical tips!
Tinder The Best Conversation Starters 2021

Tinder is a popular dating app with over 50 million users. It has been called the “fastest growing mobile dating service” and even Tinder themselves call it “the world's most powerful social discovery engine.” With all these people using this app, how do you start a conversation?

What are some good conversation starters for Tinder? In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best openers that have been used on Tinder to spark conversations and get matches.

Before giving you ready to use tips, or copy pastable lines, we will make sure you understand the principles around this opening line!

There is a lot to tell on this opener subject. We are always pushing forward and improving. Here is what you will find in this article. Jump to any section straight if you cannot wait longer!

  1. Why it is important to know how to break the ice?
  2. How to start a conversation on Tinder? 10 tips to start a conversation on Tinder
  3. Funny conversation starters for Tinder.
  4. The best topics to start a conversation

Why it is important to know how to break the ice?

Is there something worst than a conversation that failed fast? Well yes. A conversation that never happened!

That seems silly, but not even starting a conversation is the best way for it to fail in advance. And many men do not actually talk to their matches!

Keep this in mind: better try something than do nothing! Take risks!

Opening the conversation is also the best way to differenciate from the other waiting matches. I do not want to tell random facts, but there are likely more waiting matches than you can count!

Where is the fun when interacting with someone?  Some of it lies in the unexpected. The curiosity and the thrill of the unknown.

Taking charge in the opening of the conversation is your shot, the best occasion you can seize to set the tone of the interaction.

Imagine this: What is the potential outcome of a conversation starting with "The weather looks nice today", and say "I have an idea for you"?

You get the picture. The vibe is easily set with a first message. If you want to dig further on how to get a woman attracted by text, checkout this article!


How to start a conversation on Tinder? 10 tips to start a conversation on Tinder

Let's jump on 10 principles and tips to get better at starting Tinder conversations.

Observe, and be creative

The best openers are for sure original ones. They are clever, creative, and not used by everyone else on Tinder yet. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is a good place to start!

Take your time before sending anything. Observe details in pictures. Bounce on some.

This creativity can be trained outside of dating apps. Finding that perfect little line that is likely to break a smile on the other's person face. Get inspirations from others.

It takes time and effort to develop those skills, but always so worth it!

It's definitely better to take some time writing something than send an off-the-cuff message right away. You can always come back after if the effect is not what you wanted

Start strong and take risks

Don't be afraid to open a conversation with something that most people wouldn't even think about using, because it could work out great! Don’t just use one opener all the time. If you do, then your matches will get tired of seeing the same line over and over again.

Taking risks is super important too. Like I said earlier, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Will this be done by a timid and very classic "hello"? Or something bold, that will likely trigger curiosity, or the need to come back on it?

Say what you think, what the pictures inspire you. Someone stating what he truly believes is always very sexy and attractive.


Find general lines

Ok, creativity and tailored lines are great. Don't get me wrong. It is however awesome to have general lines to fall back to.

Not that you need to completely copy-paste them. Think of them more as a backbone, a structure to come back to. We wrote about openers to use in this article.

Lines can be like pictures. People's take on them tells you how good they are. Try out many, keep the bests, dump the rest.

With some trial and error, you will quickly find which works for you and your personality.


Be aware of the vibe

A conversation between two persons can be completely different, depending on the vibe set.

We have all experienced that. Having those formal discussions with teachers or colleagues during the daytime. That becomes way more fun at night around beers.

That is the same on dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. Starting on a formal tone, or a too formal subject will push the other person to adopt the same tone.

Being aware of this is key. Reflect on the vibe your first message implies: "Mr nice guy hello line"? Something unuseful or confrontational? Something the other person is likely to answer with a YES/NO. Or on the opposite something that does not waits for a response at all?

Many questions to ask yourself here!

Open when you feel good

Having a good dating profile is important, we help you out on this with ROAST. However, you are the one doing the texting. You, behind your screen.

And big news, you have emotions!

Sometimes you feel good, energetic, and ready to meet other people.  Other times, you feel tired and just want to be alone.

Would you go and talk to someone you like when you feel terrible? I guess not! Well, it works the same way with dating apps.

For sure you can text from your bed, but do not do it if you feel super bad! Vibes are communicative. The other person will feel it, in the timing, choice of words, and so on.

The best Tinder conversations are the ones that match both persons' vibe! Be aware of all those little changes in your moods. If it does not work out one day, no problem. It can always happen again on another day when you feel better!

Spread positive vibes.

Think as if you have nothing to loose

Matching someone you seem to like on Tinder or Bumble or Hinge, or any other dating app is a great start.

No one can predict the likelihood of something happening with that person after! Don't get carried over. Do not get over yourself.

If you fall for the virtual image of the person, you will hold yourself back and are likely to appear super hesitant.

On the other hand, if you go in the conversation with the mindset "It will be fun, we will see what happens". You are likely to enjoy yourself, tickle the other person. At the end likely to have a good time, and leave a funny and witty impression.

Exactly what you want on Tinder or Dating apps!

Now the last two principles can be encapsulated in another category.


Funny conversation starters for Tinder.

Use gifs

GIFs are one weapon at your disposal. Use it! It has been shown. In various studies that GIFs can get a super high response rate.

They show some of the most efficient ones in this article.

I'll let you look at it, and just give you three I personally love.

  • Ryan Gosling is the beauty. Always impactful with his almost perfect look and face.
  • Friends: The in-temporal and relatable. A good way to give material to a conversation, with something many people are likely to like. Works with other well-known shows!
  • Animals: the cute side. Always efficient at touching someone's feelings. Careful though. If your profile is not super sexy, this can likely get you friend-zoned fast!

"I know what you are thinking"

A super classic and good opener. Take one picture you like, where the guy/girl has an expressive look.

It may be her working out, doing a funny face while walking the dog or anything like this.

You just need then to think and impersonate the picture with some line:

"The face you make when"
"I know that you are actually suffering as hell at that moment"
"Don't lie, there is pain under this chill face

Or more direct:

"I want to diiieeee right now", having the person speak for himself.

Tinder openers best subject

Example with a classic yoga pose. I could try something like

Thinking, OMG I knew I should have never went to that class so early

You get the idea. It starts off a super playful conversation, with usually a great vibe associated with the captioning of the picture.

Tinder conversation openers best topics

The best topics to start a conversation


There is not a secret Tinder conversation starter that works every time. In fact, there is no one right way to start a conversation on Tinder. However, it makes sense to at least have some topics in mind when going into the app so you can get started with something if need be or just move forward from there and switch up your approach as necessary through exploring different.

Some of the best we can quote can be:

  • Talking about the two of you. This helps to project a cooperative vibe, a mutual future. Which is a great thing.
  • Something human and woman/man related. No one wants to indefinitely talk about his job on dating apps. Talking about man and woman relationships is way more interesting and captivating.
  • Talk about subjects you know you will shine on. That seems obvious, but many people would still bring up subjects they are actually not super at ease talking about!

I hope you now have a clear view and understanding on Tinder's openers. It took me a long time to understand those principles, save time immediately learning them.

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