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How to Create a Good Tinder Profile, the One That Will Give You Matches

How to Create a Good Tinder Profile, the One That Will Give You Matches

If you have ever found online dating difficult, chances are that your profile wasn't bringing out your best self!

With a good profile, you should be able to 5 matches a day in any decent city. If you managed to convert only 10% of them, this is already 3 dates per week!

And this is easier than you think.

In this article, I'll explain to you in 3 min how to make a good profile on Tinder.




#1 Choose the right pictures

First thing first, you need high-quality photos (HD). Remove all your blurred pics from your profile NOW.


Perfect, let’s continue.

In your remaining pictures, you want to convey attractive traits:

  • leader,
  • social,
  • outgoing,
  • active,
  • high social value,
  • etc.

Obviously, this list depends on the type of people you want to attract. But this is a good start.

How do you convey these traits?

Think about your fashion, your haircut, your body language, the background of your picture, and so on.

Crafting a good Tinder profile is all about knowing how to present yourself.

Look at the example below. Guess which one is getting more matches.

Tinder Pictures - Bad vs Good Photo
It's all about knowing how to present yourself...

We got two shots of the same person but the result is totally different.

On the left, the background is too noisy and kinda cheap, the facial expression is one, the quality of the pic is really poor.

While on the right, the person is smile, his face is relaxed, the background is clean, etc. It's much more attractive!


What you shouldn't do in your Tinder pictures...

Tinder Photos, Most Common Mistakes

I helped close to 500 people this month to optimize their profile and the conclusion is clear: most people do the same mistake over and over.


The 5 most common mistakes on Tinder being:

  1. Neglecting the background. Prefer an outdoor environment to your living room.
  2. Uploading a low-quality pic. It's super easy in 2021 to take high-quality pictures, all you need is a recent smartphone. So do it!
  3. Poorly cropping the pic. You should occupy as much space as possible.
  4. Being too staged. Taking pictures could be stressful the first time, but you need to relax. Also avoid pics that look too posed.
  5. Discover the last one in our article: The Most Common Mistakes in Tinder Photos and how to avoid them


Ask for feedback!

If you want to get a good Tinder profile, you need to ask for feedback. Yes, but who?

Your friends? Quite often, your friends are too biased to give you some valuable feedback on your profile...

Photofeeler? That's already better, but most of people have no clue about what a good tinder profile is, what will make the other person swipe right... or left.

So... what?

To remedy to this, I created ROAST: the first tool that is 100% dedicated to Tinder profile review. I personally review your profile to give you valuable insights and feedback.

Tinder Profile Review and Online Dating Tips - ROAST
It’s time to get a Tinder profile that makes a difference. ROAST is the most effective tool to improve your online dating profile and get matches on Tinder.



#2 Be creative in your bio

There is another thing that is too often overlooked: your bio.

And that’s a terrible mistake because your bio offers you the perfect opportunity to stand out. While good pictures will catch her attention, a bio will make her swipe right.


Personally, it took me a very long time to figure out what a good biography was.


I tried all the imaginable bios:

  • the random bio where I throw all I had in mind,
  • the bullet points bio, where I would only list some of my qualities and things I like,
  • the funny bio where I was joking around.


These bios had two things in common…


First, it wasn’t efficient.

Second, I wasn’t taking risks and that’s the worst thing ever. Because I was trying to please everyone, playing safe, no one was swiping right on my profile. I was invisible.

I decided to change that and wrote down all the things I was proud of. This gave me the cornerstone on which I’d build my bio. And it made me realize I had already accomplished much more than I thought.


Add to that a little catchy phrase. A few words that will catch girls' curiosity. And you got the magical combination. My matches went up drastically, and I even got some girls who would open me on it!

It was the first time, I was fully myself, not trying to please everyone and goddamn it felt so good!




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