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Tinder Elo: What Is It and How to Reset It (2021 Edition)

Tinder Elo: What Is It and How to Reset It (2021 Edition)

In the ever-changing world of dating, Tinder has become a mainstay in most young adult's lives. We swipe left or right on potential matches and hope for the best. But have you ever wanted to know what your rating is? That's where Tinder Elo comes into play.

There is a lot of mystery behind what Tinder uses to match people and organize people's "deck" of profiles to see. Tinder has been communicating around it several times, including this famous article.

This blog post will tell you all about this hidden feature that not many people know about!

What we will cover:

What does ELO stand for?

Tinder use ELO


ELO is a system invented to evaluate the relative skills of players, in a zero-sum game (think of chess, competitive video games etc).

We can think of Tinder as a match-making app, a big dating tournament. Within your swiping session, you will see a certain amount of people from a deck of profiles in front of you.

Imagine you, opening the app. Your eyes scan the screen, searching for a potential partner. You see people in front of you and can decide whether or not to accept them as your teammate or opponent.

You carefully examine each person's profile before choosing who will go on with this game session by clicking yes (swipe right) or no (swipe left).

Of course, there are certain questions that arise from both perspectives. Questions that arise for you, AND for Tinder:

  • Who do you see?
  • In what order?

This task, Tinder has at hand when people use their service: figuring out how to place these potential matches on an algorithmically generated list that will most likely give them exactly what they want (basically making sure your love life doesn't suck).



Does tinder still use Elo?

Well, it is no sure. They actually denied it several times, but the algorithm itself stays blurry. What is sure is that the question I mentioned before has to be answered one way or another.

What do we know for sure?

  • Tinder has to get a sense of who you are likely to like.
  • It also surely needs to get an idea of who is going to like you.

Don't forget that Tinder wants you to be happy on the app first, unlike what people think. If you are desperate you'll just leave the app. However, it wants you to still get a glimpse of what you could have.

In order to get you to use the app more, Tinder wants you to dream. Dream to match those perfect girls you see. It also wants you to be able to find people that might like you back, so you get matches from time to time and stay happy!

Those two conditions make it almost compulsory for Tinder to get a sense of your attractiveness. It may not be an exact score, but very similar in the end.

In other words, it has to rank you.

This is true if you are either a man or a woman!

Now the HACK.

Because I see you coming at me :

"I'm not a model, I am doomed".

Of course. I've been there.

Read this:

Your attractiveness is not only "how good-looking" you are.

It actually mostly is not.

Your beauty is for sure important while dating. But a good photo is not about that! Spending time shooting the perfect picture can really skyrocket your results alone. Then swiping will get more pleasant.

Checkout our FREE profile review tool to start optimising!

Tinder Profile Review and Online Dating Tips - ROAST
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Your general attractiveness depends on your behavior. The algorithm knows it!

The better Tinder user you are, the more likely to be shown you are.

A lot of people think that Tinder ranks its users by their looks, but this is not the case. In fact, there are three main factors in a person's attractiveness: profile pictures; behavior on the app (swiping right to like someone and left to pass); and interactions with others through messages or matches.

A lot of little details are favored by the app: how often do you use it? How long? How fast and often do you engage with your matches?

Many others can be thought of: are you a model user, using all the available features?



How do you get ELO on tinder? How to increase it?

It is easy. There are 2 main things you need to do. First, show Tinder that you are a person of high-value and successful. Second, behave like a person of high-value and model the behavior of other people on Tinder.

You can improve your profile by editing your photos and adding a bio. This is the key to better online dating results and improve your score! Think about quality. A bad photo can really impact your ratings.

Many people don't take enough pictures of themselves, or they think it's useless to spend time on that.

But this can help you stand out among other men on the app!

We talk about this in our e-book, to quickly stand out from other men on the app.


Honestly, in 2021, with a smartphone taking professional level photos, what is your excuse not to work on your poses and take as many as needed?

Second point: be a model user.

Respect yourself and behave like a high-value individual.

Your usage of the app will impact a lot your ELO.
What would a high-value person do? Swipe only on the girls you REALLY like.

If you swipe right fiercely on all the girls that are showed to you, you will quickly be perceived as a non-selective person. And will therefore be showed anyone, or mainly similar users, that may not be so attractive.

Engage FAST with your Tinder matches.

Send your first message fast to the woman you matched!

It is not in Tinder's interest to let matches expire so they are motivated for both parties to keep the conversation going.

This means that if you engage with people on tinder, it will increase your elo score. If a person doesn't interact at all with anyone on tinder, their ELO rank decreases and this can lead them getting booted off of the app completely or having limited access to other users.

There are many other tricks we discuss in our ebook about behavioral importance.

All those changes take time to show their impact. Be patient.

Last bonus tip: the money impact.

A good way to improve your rank is to pay in the app. You will be shown more and get bonus exposure. But you should not do this if you have no results before!

It joins what I just described, paying makes you a better user from Tinder's perspective. It could be Tinder plus,  Tinder gold or Tinder platinum (the best).

But I insist. Build a strong profile, and strong habits, with quality photos before!

You can get a lot of quality matches before spending a single dime.  

How to Reset Tinder and Restore Your Elo Score in 2021

How to increase your Tinder ELO

Now here you are, you read the article but you are thinking

Great thing, however, my ELO must be SO low since I have 0 matches, what can I do?

You may be too deep in the deck.

What does this mean? Too deep in the deck: no one or very few girls will see you! If no one sees you, how can they like you?

Reset your account on Tinder and you can get your ELO score back. There are two ways to do it.

  1. One way is to make a lot of changes in what you do, like your habits or photos as we saw before.
  2. The other way is if you are too deep in the profile deck, or think that you might be shadow-banned, then resetting your account will help.

Also, Tinder hates it! It makes you look like a bot, and you may be banned for it!

So warnings: This can be dangerous, and you should not do it without the intention of changing your habits. If you are banned on Tinder, this will make things even worse!

We hope this guide helped you more understand the importance of ELO in dating, as in video-games and many other games. It is not just to be fancy, but in any competitive environment, ranking is a necessity.

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It’s time to get a Tinder profile that makes a difference. ROAST is the most effective tool to improve your online dating profile and get matches on Tinder.

Enjoy swiping ❤️

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