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Dating Apps Basics - Part 1 : Tinder

Dating Apps Basics - Part 1 : Tinder

Online dating is something massive and mainstream nowadays. Millions of users on Tinder alone.

How to stand out from the majority of people? How do I use this app to their full potential?

No worries. In this serie of articles, we are going to review all major dating apps so you are up to speed and ready to kill it!

Lets start with Tinder!

You just installed dating  apps, and are discovering all those possibilities at your disposal. Great feeling and excitation.

You already picture yourself finding a partner in crime, after exciting conversations with women. But hold on!

Before you get tons of Tinder dates, let's go step by step.

I need to warn you! The start is a very precious time.

Do not waste it!

Do not play without knowing the rules! It would be a great mistake.

Tinder has many features, use them!

In order to help you and save you time, here is a little intro to Tinder. You can also checkout Tinder's knowledge base. Good ressources to get an edge on the competition.

Read to the end to find a trick to super like a profile even if you have no more super likes left!

Your profile

Here you are. You first need to setup your profile. You have to add photos. Before even asking "what pictures do I use?" you need to  think about:

Pictures are not not the only things you can add, you can also use:

  • Prompt: you answer a predefined question, with a custom font.
  • Loops: A GIF from a video you previously made.

You are asked to choose you interest fields - 4.

You will also have to write a bio.

What will be presented to people?

  • First thing is your card : your first photo and either,  first line of your bio or the 4 interests you chose - with your common ones highlighted.
  • If the person clicks on your card, she will be shown the same line of your bio, and can scroll to see it in full.

You can enrich your profile with external data:

Both of them make your profile appear as solid and real. Not a catfish: someone disguising himself/herself as someone else. Something all dating apps want to avoid.

And you may want to avoid catfishes too unless you love blind dates.

Verification: Tinder asks you to do precise poses, in order to get the famous verification ticker. A good thing to use!

Basic Tinder Mechanics

We review the basics here. If you are not sharp on them, you won't stand out!

  • Every user is presented a deck of profiles. Profiles are ordered by the algorithm. We will come back on this in the future, but basically, think that the more Tinder rates you as attractive, the most likely it is you will be on the top of pile.
    You are also likely to be shown people that will maybe like you too!
  • Swipes: Right for YES, Left for NO.
  • Smart photos: If activated, Tinder will test your photos for you to find the most efficient one.
  • Its a match! The notification we all like.
  • Video call if both of you are interested, you can have a video call with your match! Interesting in COVID times.
  • Match list, and match search: you can see all the matches you got, and if you swipe down, you can also search for that match you forgot to answer to!
  • On the free plan, you have a maximum number of swipes per day.
  • Bans: the sanction if you don't behave on Tinder. End of the game.
  • Shadow ban: a myth, nothing confirmed. But basically we can't deny there is a pitfall you want to avoid: If you abuse certain behaviors, you are very likely to be downgraded to the end of user's decks.
    And what happens if you are there? Nobody sees you. Therefore, no matchs.


One-shot payments

They are all about visibility. Being seen by more people!

  • Superlike: You jump on the top of the pile of the user you super like. She is also warned about that with a special logo.
  • Boost: You are put forth for a duration- 30 min, or longer for the special one. Your visibility explodes. It does not really put you first on the piles, but you clearly win a lot of places in the piles!

Those can be drugs.

Cheat codes to win the game.

You will have to use them wisely.

We will come back with more details on the mindsets to have on Tinder.

Recurring payments: Money!

You have 3 ways to get a Tinder subscription. Prices depend on your country, and age basically.

Tinder plus: the first stage.

  • You get unlimited swipes!
  • 1 free boost per month.
  • 5 superlikes per day.
  • Monitor who you are shown: only recently active users, or a mix with people Tinder thinks are relevant to you.
  • You can also have your profile only shown to people you liked: Good to be undercover 😈.
  • Possibility to hide your age, or position.
  • You can also use Passport: change the city you are swiping at! Interesting before holidays.
  • Rewind! You swiped left too fast? Just rewind!
  • No more  advertisements.


Tinder gold

  • All the advantages of Tinder plus.
  • You also access to your  like pile! No more time wasted swiping if you are in a hurry. But this has an other dark side we will study later.


Tinder Platinum

We talk about platinum in details in our article!

  • All the advantages of gold.
  • Prefered likes! You are put forth when you like someone.
  • Text-superlikes. You can now add a note to your superlike. Powerful.

Profile sharing

A special category because it is of interest!

You have the ability for free to share a given profile. You can send it to a friend if you think it will be a good match, or to get advice.

It is however a good way to get a chance to use a superlike later ! Just send the profile to yourself, and go back to it when you are ready.

You can also share your own profile, creating a username. The prerequisite to get your profile roasted by us! This can be done in the settings, we show you on the link below.

Get a FREE Tinder Profile Review

Now that you are all set with the basics, don't hesitate to reach out for feedback, and exploit your potential.

There are two types of  Tinder users: people working, optimizing their Tinder Profiles, and lazy ones. You know where you want to be and we will happily help you to!

Our content has one goal: make you reach the next level, using everything at your disposal. And above all, meet the women you really desire!

In future articles we will go around more advanced mechanisms, including tips to get the best conversation starters.

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