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Tinder Gold: the best deal in 2021?

Tinder Gold is one of Tinder's best-selling features to date, which offers Tinder Plus features and much more
Tinder Gold: the best deal in 2021?


Tinder Gold is one of Tinder's best-selling features to date, which offers Tinder Plus features and much more!

Tinder Plus includes unlimited likes and a few other perks like rewind. On the other hand, Tinder Gold has all of these features with some extras included such as a boost in your profile position so you can be seen by more people.

It also includes an increased number of swipes each day (10 instead of 5) and one free "boost" every month that allows you to reach up to 100 potential matches at a time. The question then becomes: is Tinder gold worth it?

Finally, what should we actually think, given that there is the big brother Tinder

Platinum just round the corner?‌‌

Here is what you will find in this article. Jump to the section that most intrigues you at your will. But I recommend reading everything as there are little tricks all over!

1.What does Tinder Gold get you?

2.Hidden perks of Tinder Gold

3.Do people know if you have tinder gold?

4.Can we get Tinder Gold for Free or a trial?

5.When should I pay for Tinder Gold?

Let's get to it!

What does Tinder Gold get you?


Tinder Gold buys you everything included in Tinder Plus and some others.

Pricing depends on your country and age!

Tinder gold pricing

Let's start with the obvious. You will get:

  • Unlimited swipe amount [Tinder plus feature]

No more 50 likes per day limit! However, do not abuse this!

We talk about the risks for your ELO in our article to know everything on the topic!

  • Rewind. You swiped too fast, have second thoughts? You can come back on a previous profile. [Tinder plus feature].
  • Passport. Swipe anywhere. Made popular during COVID as it was free, passport enables you to locate anywhere in order to swipe in a different city. Ideal to plan a trip in advance! [Tinder plus feature]
  • No more ads. Like in any paying scheme of Tinder, you won't have to endure the pain of swiping on ads! [Tinder plus feature]
  • Privacy boosts. Privacy is super important for all of us. Some like to stay in the shadows even more! [Tinder plus feature]

From Tinder Plus on, you can now have your profile only shown to people  YOU previously liked. I wouldn't recommend maximizing your likes but can be useful for some of us 😈.

Additionally, you can add some mystery to your profile.

You can hide your age and position. a useful strategy to hint at the curiosity of people. However, like any bold move, it can backslash hard as well.

Tinder boosts.

You get one free boost per month! That's a huge boost of your exposure, for 30min.

I'll give you a free tip about this. A key point of Tinder is to be active. During a boost, your likes are more shown to girls than during regular time!

Capitalize on this! Keep swiping for that 30min! Don't be lazy!

Although, you get a chance to buy the SUPER BOOSTS. 6h, 12h boosts. The NUKES as we call them. We will write in another article how to use them as a weapon at your service effectively!

Super likes.

You get no less than 5 super likes per day. 5 chances to stand-out from competition! Super likes are said to bring an additional 30% success rate compared to a regular like. Interesting!

A tailored selection.

Every day you get 4-10 profiles chosen by Tinder to match YOUR taste. A good opportunity to match profiles you REALLY like.

And you get those at the end of your finger, without having to continuously swipe left all the profiles you are not into. A time saver.

We all know the pain of having to spend 15 minutes to just find 3 profiles you like. Tinder Gold takes care of that for you.

A time saver!

If you are someone who is really busy or on the go, Tinder gold is your best friend! We will come back on that!

Go behind the curtains.

Tinder Gold enables you to finally quit playing, and get the oracle skills: see who liked you straight away.

Not only that, Tinder Gold offers the ability to see who has been liking your profile, with this sign:


tinder golden heart


You will see it while swiping. You can know for instance for sure that Erin already liked you!

The biggest perk is actually to have this big EGO place: see at ONCE all the matches waiting for your approval:‌

tinder gold matches

You just need to click on the top left icon, and access your potential matches!

Note Tinder teasing me to jump to Tinder Platinum!‌

I see you coming to me like


"Yes, but Ben, I could access those profiles for free"


Again, YES and NO !

First, the pile of profiles in front of you is very big. In free mode, you can just swipe 50/ day.

This pile is not static! It can change each time you reconnect.

Second, Tinder is likely to still show your profile to people slightly out of your search criteria. Good surprises can happen!

So, another HUGE time saver you can use! Especially at when you first subscribe and can go through ALL those matches, like a kid on Christmas day.

tinder gold your matches

This is especially true if you have used our TIPS about Tinder's mechanics!

Check them out if you did not. It will save you TONS of time, as you will benefit from our trials and errors!


Hidden perks of Tinder Gold


Now that we have covered the official perks of Tinder Gold, let's talk a little bit about the hidden perks.

Those are mechanics we observed through our trial-and-error, and are happy to share with you!

First of all, the ELO boost. Tinder is very likely to favor paying users, so they keep paying. Therefore, your likes will go above the Tinder plus or free user's likes.

But probably after the Platinum user's ones!

Conversely, if your ELO is a bit boosted, you are more likely to be shown as a top profile for girls!

A more subtle perk is that you no longer live in the dark. You know if you are successful or not.

It is easy to think you have success watching the likes count increase.

Some people may even ask:

"Are all those likes on Tinder Gold real?"

The answer is YES. But even better, check it out for yourself!

Is it really the type of girl you like?

Are they really nearby?

Those questions get answered with Tinder Gold! It is sometimes the best way to face reality without any excuse and start progressing.


Do people know if you have tinder gold?


No of course not. Or actually yes 😏.

First of all No, it is not written if a user has a given subscription. People like to stay discrete most of the time!

It avoids judgment from others.

However, if you followed the article so far, you may have guessed that there is a trick!

Two features give away that you have bought a subscription:

  • Passport, when it is not free. The only way to swipe somewhere else is then to pay.
  • Under the radar: If you hide your age and localization, you give it away too!

tinder gold location

This girl for sure at least pays Tinder Plus for instance!

Those are the only two ways I found to check if someone is paying Tinder.

Of course, I do not talk about the special super like used in Tinder Platinum! Check out our article about Tinder Platinum if you want to know the tricks!


Can we get Tinder Gold for Free or a trial?



You have a 3 days free trial period you can use! It can be tricky to think about canceling on time.

You have services popping up to remind you of doing so if you are the lazy type!


When should I pay for Tinder Gold?


Well first, Tinder Gold is a BOOSTER. Not a magic pill that will skyrocket your dating results and have you crumble under matches.

The better your profile, the more you will benefit from Tinder Gold.

How do you know if you have worked enough on your profile? Simple, you already have good results.

If you have a few matches every day, then you go put those huge boosters on your profile to reach the top.

On the other hand, if you are stuck at 0 matches, work on your profile first!

We have the perfect tool for that. With ROAST you can get to improve your profile TODAY, and change completely the results you get! Check it out!


Tinder Profile Review and Online Dating Tips - ROAST
It’s time to get a Tinder profile that makes a difference. ROAST is the most effective tool to improve your online dating profile and get matches on Tinder.


Last point, an important idea: you don't NEED to pay to get results. But paying is totally NORMAL if you want to get some fast, and the best results.

Think about it, when you go out, do you think it is weird to pay to enter some venues?


Some cons of Tinder gold.


First Tinder Gold is not available in every country yet. But that is a minor downside if it is available in yours!

Do not forget about the dark side of subscribing to Tinder Gold.


The biggest con of Gold. After subscribing, you have very conveniently the list of your matches at your disposal.

Without having to swipe! Great. Why losing time swiping then? I can just check this list every day, and also check the tailored swipes suggested by the app.


We taught you how to increase your ELO in our article

The main factor to increase your ELO is to be ACTIVE. Active meaning to keep swiping.

The opposite of what Tinder Gold pushes you to do! Watch out! Dating apps can be sneaky.

This is a huge opportunity cost too. As I said, it is very likely that if you swipe on a girl, then she will actually see your profile in the future!

Your swiping action HAS an impact!

From my experience, I still get a LOT of matches from swiping actively.

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Tinder Profile Review and Online Dating Tips - ROAST
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