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What Is a Tinder Super like and How to Use It: Topics, Strategies and Hacks - 2021

You may not be aware of this, but there are some tricks to tinder super likes. This article will show you how to use them like a pro!
What Is a Tinder Super like and How to Use It: Topics, Strategies and Hacks - 2021

When you think of Tinder, the first thing that comes to mind is matching and chatting with people. But there's more to it than just swiping right or left! One of these features is the Super Like – a blue star on your screen – which means "I really like this person." Here are some things you need to know about how the Super Like works, what its potentials are, and how you can use them in different ways.

Tinder main super like

We will cover in this article the basics to know to avoid spoiling your super likes. And many other tips that are likely to skyrocket the efficiency of your likes.

How does Tinder super like work?

The Tinder super like is a new feature that was introduced to the app in December 2015. It has been getting mixed feedback from people, but it's clear that there are some who love the idea of being able to tell someone they're interested straight, with a clear signal. If you're wondering how does Tinder super like work, this blog post will break down what you need to know!

Tinder super like is (super) simple.  Like we said over and over, Tinder is just about the pile of profile every user has to see. Or never see!

If you are far in the pile of someone, you'll simply never be shown to the girl / man of your dreams! Sad!

Super like is like VIP access to the top of the pile.

The probability of being shown is greatly increased. In addition, the person will also get notifications that it's super like! Another way to show your interest should work in your favor too.

If you are a platinum user, you can add a message with your super like. First time on Tinder that you have the opportunity to write something without even matching!

How many super likes do you get?

Well, 2021, new normal!

Just a month ago you would get 5 super likes every day with Tinder Plus - Gold and Platinum. It was raining!

From now on, you only get 5 a week with Tinder Gold or Platinum. Quite a change!

Of course, you can buy some more, paying roughly a dollar per super like.

Can someone see if you super liked them?

Of course yes! The like is special, surrounded by a blue square, highlighting the nature of the super like.

You will also notice the famous blue star.

Tinder super like indicator

Will this be a good thing or a bad thing? It mainly depends on your profile!

Are tinder super likes worth it

Are Tinder Super like worth it?

The big question when we talk about something you need to pay for! A classic view is that no, it is not because it shows an insistent side of you.

Super likes may be seen as try-hard. Hence less attractive, or even creepy!

If you think that, sorry to disappoint but you are mostly wrong.

It first depends on how strong your profile is! The stronger your profile, the more likely it is women will find it sexy that you know what you want and put in the work to get it!

It is like buying flowers. I asked several girls:

What do you think of men buying flowers on the first dates?
It is creepy!
Ok and imagine you have a big crush on the guy?
OMG, it is so romantic.

That's tough, but the stronger your profile is, the better it is to use super likes!

It's a winner-takes-all game!

Good thing for you, we have the perfect tool to start improving your profile!

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Tinder super likes and messages

How to respond to a super like?

It's a great feeling when someone uses a Super Like on you, but you have no idea how to respond.  No pressure!

You can say whatever you want. A good thing to keep in mind though is that the person made a special effort for you.

Don't be mean! Acknowledging the effort is often a good idea to build positive energy!

Platinum users: Should I add something to the super like?

We have done the experiment for you!

At first, we believed it was extra try-hard to add something, or that girls would not even look at it.


Adding a message is a unique opportunity to display your value! You have to work on your openers though. Luckily we have some free tips for you in this article!

it can quickly backfire if you only add something dull.

From our experiments adding a good message adds a good 20% chance of success.

Some useful hacks!

The first one,  undo. Can you even undo a Super Like on this dating app?

Yes, you can!

Well, if you have a subscription. You can simply rewind, as you would do for a regular like.

And here you come back to the profile if you wish.

Super likes are precious, do not waste them.

An extra super like

Can you even get one? Well,  I have a little trick for you to at least be able to super like a girl, if you run out of super likes.

The trick is to send yourself the girl's profile, using profile sharing. Send it from the dating app to your messenger or whatsapp.

When you get some new super likes, you can send make your impact on the girl!

Last but not least, do not super like the first person you see when you open the app 🤫.

If you want to know more on those tricks, get in touch with us! Also let us know if you have specific Tinder Super like tips of your own!

If you want to better understand Tinder mechanics, to ace this game, checkout our latest ebook. You can have a free sample, and you may learn a thing or two 😈.

Talk to you soon!

Ben ❤️