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Tinder, Swipe Left or Right? [2021 Edition]

Should you swipe left or right on Tinder, Bumble? In this article, we will explain to you the winning strategy to get more matches on dating apps.
Tinder, Swipe Left or Right? [2021 Edition]

There’s a science behind effective swiping on Tinder.

See, most guys believe the more they swipe right, the more matches they’ll get.

Yes, that strategy works - if you aspire to be a loner.

But to get the highest-quality women matching with you, you need to know the secrets to swipe effectively.

If this interests you, check out what we will cover in this article.

  1. Swiping left, swiping right, what does it mean?
  2. What happens when you swipe right on Tinder?
  3. 3 reasons why you shouldn’t swipe right on everyone
  4. 2 questions to ask yourself before swiping
  5. Tinder hacks: the best swiping strategy
  6. FAQ: All you need to know about swiping




Swiping left, swiping right, what does it mean?

Swiping left, Swiping Right, What Does It Mean?

On most dating apps, swiping right means you like a person, and swiping left means you don’t want anything to do with them.

Swiping right can lead to you to match and connect with a girl - only if she swiped right on you as well.

If you’re living on planet Earth in 2021, there’s no way you haven’t come across the term ‘swipe right’ or ‘swipe left’.  These terms are so popular these days, people use them in their everyday language.

‘Swipe right’ has now come to mean accepting, agreeing, and showing enthusiasm for something.

“Swipe left’ has come to mean rejecting or declining something.

For example, if you like a donut, you could say: ‘Damn, that donut looks delicious, I’ll swipe right on that’.




What Happens When You Swipe Right on Tinder?

What Happens When You Swipe Right on Tinder?

When you swipe right on a person on Tinder, one of three things can happen. Either

  1. You match with a girl.
  2. You don’t match with girl.
  3. You don’t match with a girl initially, but you match with her later, when she’s swiped right on you.

In such a case, you will receive a ‘You’ve got a new match!’ notification (those who are familiar with this message are probably familiar with the sweet, sweet dopamine rush it brings😉).

Once you’ve matched with a girl, you can then chat with her and set up a date.

And if you find it hard to get matches, check out our guide to create the perfect profile.

With the perfect profile, you WILL start getting more matches. However, it’s not easy to figure out how good your profile is.

If you want expert opinion/feedback on your profile, then check out ROAST. If your profile sucks, ROAST will give you a personalized plan to make your profile swipe-worthy (especially by hot women).




3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Swipe Right on Everyone

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Swipe Right on Everyone

Newbies to Tinder, especially guys, often swipe on anything with an XX chromosome. Does she look like a girl? Good enough for me!

Unfortunately, that’s the exact mentality that causes them to lose out on these girls. Want to know why?

Read the reasons below:

1. Desperate Behavior - Not Attractive

A girl would rather jump off a cliff and land on a floor with spikes than date a desperate and needy guy.

Okay, maybe not, but there’s some truth to the above statement.

Desperate, needy guys are those with no standards, and they’ll date anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately, Tinder is not kind to desperate guys.

As with most dating apps, Tinder values women more than men on their platform. Why? Because if the app didn’t have women, there would be no men. And if there were no men, they can’t make money off of them purchasing Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

Knowing that girls like non-needy guys, Tinder rewards men who are picky with their swipes and punishes men who aren’t. Tinder has a secret attractiveness score (formerly called an ELO rating system) that ranks men and women according to their attractiveness. The more attractive a person is, the higher their ELO score.

If you swipe right on every girl, Tinder thinks you’re desperate, aka unattractive, and they push your attractiveness score down. A low score means that you’ll be shown to fewer women (or less desirable women).

2. Tinder Algorithm Will Match You With The Wrong People

Tinder’s algorithm is far from perfect. The app isn’t Cupid  - it can’t just shoot an arrow and match you with your soulmate.

For example, let’s say you swiped right on a few girls who are a ‘6’ in your eyes. The Tinder algorithm then believes this is the quality of girl you prefer, and then they will show you only girls who are 6’s (even though you may have also swiped right on girls 8’s and above).

However, here’s a tip to be a better swiper - only swipe right on girls who are (your) 8’s and above. Then you’ll see higher-quality women showing up.


3. Bot Behaviour

If you swipe right on everyone, Tinder will think that you’re a bot. They might then shadowban you, or they’ll drop the quality of women who show up on your app.




2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Swiping

2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Swiping

If I Met Her On The Street, Would I Match With Her?

For some odd reason, men act more desperate on Tinder than in real life. They behave like Tinder is a slot machine: if they keep swiping right enough, they’ll get free sex.

If you’re a guy who’s thought like this (no judgment, we’ve all been there), you need to change your mindset. You need to have standards.

Think about your ideal partner. Think about a girl you’d love to meet in the street and get to know. You should ONLY swipe right on those girls and not anyone else (because, as I mentioned, Tinder rewards picky guys).

Am I Just Horny, or Do I Really Like Her?

Often, guys think with their little brain down there (okay, enormous, massive brain down there. Happy?). If they get horny, they swipe right on the girl without evaluating if she’s a right fit for him.

So ask yourself

Is this kind of girl you want in her life? Does she have similar interests? Do I like the personality she has portrayed on the app? Can you see yourself spending time with her (without wanting to blow your brains out?)

Or do I just want her because she’s ‘hot’?

If it’s the latter, you have to change your mindset - start asking the former questions more.




Tinder Hacks: The Best Swiping Strategy

Tinder Hacks: The Best Swiping Strategy

To take your Tinder swiping game to the next level, here are some tips you’ll want to implement ASAP.


Only Like Profiles You Truly Like

Given Tinder’s strict algorithm, you should only swipe right on girls you genuinely like. Don’t screen her only for looks: you should also screen the girl for her hobbies, personality, and other traits meaningful to you.

I mean, you deserve to meet the girl of your wildest dreams. So go out there and swipe the best ones!


Take Your Time Before Liking a Profile

Tinder tracks how much time you spend on a profile. If you breeze through profiles without looking at all the pictures or reading bios, then Tinder will penalize you.

The algorithm can sniff out desperation.  

Swiping right without evaluating profiles signals to Tinder you aren’t an attractive dude with high standards.


Swipe On a Small Batch of People -  But Swipe Often

Tinder has changed its algorithm plenty of times over the years.

In the most recent iteration, the most active and recent users appear at the top, whereas the least active users appear at the bottom.

So here’s the best tactic - swipe right on only the first 10-20 cards. This gives the more active users a chance to swipe right on you.

Remember - you don’t want to waste swipes on an inactive profile. If your ratio of swipes to no-matches is too high, Tinder will decrease your attractiveness rating. And in the land of Tinder, the rich get richer, and the poor stay single.



FAQ: All You Need to Know About Swiping

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Swiping

Can You Cancel a Like? Can I retrieve a Pass?

Swiped left on the girl of your dreams by accident? Wasted a swipe on the girl of your nightmares?

Don’t fret. If you have Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum, you can go back to the previous profile and reverse your actions.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have these, you’re out of luck.


Can You Tell If Someone Has Swiped Right On You?

The ‘Likes You’ feature in Tinder Gold and Platinum lets you know those who swiped right on you in advance. The ‘Likes You’ profiles are grayed out without these subscriptions, but with them, you can see the complete profile of those who liked you.


How Many Swipes Do You Have Per Day?

Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum users get unlimited likes. If you don’t have these upgrades, you get around 100 likes/day.