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Tinder Top Picks Explained 2022

One of the hottest feature since it was rolled out, Tinder Top Picks still has a lot of mystery. Learn how to become a top pick and other hacks!
Tinder Top Picks Explained 2022

What are Tinder top picks?

Ever since Tinder launched into the online dating market in 2012, they've been adjusting how their app works to improve the user experience and to keep you hooked on swiping.

To do this, they've continued to roll out more features to enhance the experience of using the app, and the Tinder top picks feature is no exception.

If you're new to online dating it might feel frustrating at first, but once you figure out how to make dating apps work for you, you'll start getting more matches — which will lead to more dates.

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Want to jump right to the section of this article you're most curious about? Here's what we're going to cover:

  1. Tinder picks explained
  2. How does Tinder picks work?
  3. What do you need to know about Tinder top picks?
  4. Does Tinder tell you if you're a top pick?
  5. How to become a top pick
  6. Is it worth paying for gold or platinum to get the top picks feature?

What are tinder top picks

Tinder picks explained

So what are Tinder top picks? Launched in 2018, the picks feature aims to show you the users that Tinder thinks are the best match for you.

As Tinder explains, all users receive one top pick a day, but only Tinder gold or Tinder platinum members will see a whole set of top picks every day. If you aren't a Tinder gold or platinum member, you're missing out on the ability to take full advantage of the Tinder top picks feature.

Because Tinder is full of potential matches, it can be worthwhile to take advantage of the premium user experience to get an advantage over free users.

how does tinder picks work

How does Tinder top picks work?

The Tinder app's algorithm combines information from your Tinder profile along with other details you've provided to decide who the Tinder top pics should be for you — while doing the same thing for other users.

The Tinder algorithm also looks at your swiping behavior to decide who your top picks should be.

Once the behind-the-scenes magic is done, Tinder shows you a batch of profiles it's decided are your top picks, and then you get to decide if you want to like or Super Like any of the profiles.

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Let's get down to study those top picks deeply!

what to know about tinder top picks

What do you need to know about Tinder Top picks?

It's a Tinder gold and platinum feature.

Are you wondering if it's worthwhile to buy Tinder gold or to pay more for the platinum experience? That depends on how serious you are about finding swipe worthy potential matches.

The picks screen is the only way to maximize your chances of finding profiles that will make you want to swipe right, without having to spend hours scrolling through the app.

You get new top picks every day!

The picks list refreshes every 24 hours! So be sure to log on every day to see the new batch.

And if you want to get extra top picks, you can buy more top picks anytime.

am i a tinder top pick

Does Tinder tell you if you're a top-pick?

No, Tinder doesn't notify you if you're a top-pick. But if you notice you're getting more Super Likes and more matches than usual, that can be a clue.

how do i become a top pick?

How to become a top pick

The good news is that the Tinder algorithm is looking for a lot of the same things that regular Tinder users are looking for. So you can use the same strategy when deciding how to build out your Tinder profile.

Here are some of the features top profiles have in common:

1. They use high-quality portraits

You're tying to find dates you think are attractive? Well, they want to find you attractive, too. It's important to choose a profile photo that will highlight your best features.

You can choose which photo Tinder will show first, so that should be your best shot. But the other photos you include matter too.

To take a good picture, make sure you consider everything from the lighting to the background. You want to make sure your features show clearly, and that nothing behind you is distracting. No bathrooms and no piles of dirty laundry!

Take advantage of tools on your phone such as the timer so that you can get a flattering shot, without the tell-tale selfie angle.

But don't go overboard with photo tools. It'll be obvious if your image is heavily filtered and people will wonder what you're trying to hide.

2. They have a compelling bio

You want to give both Tinder users and the Tinder algorithm as much information as possible to work with.

Share details about yourself, your hobbies, and any unique characteristics you have. Remember, you're trying to stand out from the crowd so she won't swipe left, and the more information you share, the better chance you have to get a match.

Another thing the Tinder top pick algorithm is looking for is how to categorize your profile. Because it's trying to match people who are likely to get along, it's taking each user's profile interests into consideration.

So if you like sports, the top picks profiles it shows you are likely to be sporty, and so on.

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gold and platinum subscription for top picks

Is it worth paying for gold or platinum to get the top picks feature?

Our official answer? Maybe.

All Tinder users stand a decent chance of getting matches by using the features that are already available to everyone for free.

When deciding if you want to pay, consider all the additional perks and features that will be available, like knowing who has liked your profile, rather than whether the top picks screen alone is worthwhile.

Also, you don't need to be a gold or platinum member in order to show up on another person's profile as a top pick. So it's still worth using all the tips outlined here for maximizing your profile's potential to become a top pick, even if you aren't going to pay for the feature.

If you're still uncertain about what to do, try out the basic version of the Tinder dating app first. Play with optimizing each section of your profile and pay attention to what results you're getting.

If after you've tried changing out your photos and editing your bio you're still not getting the results you're looking for, then maybe it's time to join the ranks of Tinder gold subscribers to see if Tinder top picks and the other premium features give you the boost you're looking for.

Hope you see it clearer about the Top picks. I personnally still love it!

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Tinder Profile Review and Online Dating Tips - ROAST
It’s time to get a Tinder profile that makes a difference. ROAST is the most effective tool to improve your online dating profile and get matches on Tinder.