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How To Unmatch on Tinder (2022 Guide)

How To Unmatch on Tinder (2022 Guide)


In 2021, dating through Tinder has become the new normal. App dating allows for more accessible messages and creates ease when talking to potential dates. Regardless, it may be tough to navigate the different situations that may arise, but we can help!

Dating comes with a lot of ups and downs. The process of dating allows optimistic moments of joy and moments where things don't turn out just right. Part of using dating apps is knowing when someone is not right for you and utilizing necessary precautions. Not everyone is a good match and that is okay! Unmatching on Tinder is sometimes a necessity to keep everyone safe and at ease.

It is a perfectly acceptable to unmatch and move forward. In this brief guide, we explain how to unmatch and report someone on Tinder. Read below to learn how to utilize the umatching feature to prioritize comfortability in the community.


How to unmatch on Tinder

How to Unmatch Someone on Tinder

When using Tinder don't be afraid to take necessary precautions for your own ease and comfort. Unmatch someone on tinder if you do not wish to talk to them. Unmatching someone on tinder is quite user-friendly. To Tinder Unmatch, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chat window
  2. Tap on the flag icon (iOS) or shield icon (android)
  3. Tap on unmatch only

How to report someone on Tinder 2022

How to Report Someone on Tinder


Sometimes things happen while online dating that requires more serious action. Reporting a user on tinder is necessary to keep everyone in the community safe. To report a user, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chat window
  2. Tap on the flag icon (iOS) or shield icon (android)
  3. Tap on unmatch and report

Piece of cake!

8 reasons to unmatch on Tinder

8 Reasons you should unmatch someone on tinder


There are many reasons why it may be best to unmatch someone on tinder. The goal is to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Remember, a tinder match is not an obligation. There may be times where unmatching someone is a necessity. You may consider unmatching someone if:

  1. The person makes you uncomfortable or crosses your boundaries
  2. Your match exhibits inappropriate behavior
  3. You no longer wish to talk to the individual
  4. You are not interested in meeting
  5. You decide this person is not the right fit for you
  6. You matched with a user on accident
  7. You are not attracted to the user
  8. The user is not who they say they are

Hey, maybe your swipe was incorrect or it is just not a good match for a potential date. Use the app and utilize the items put in place for your safety.

Don't forget, it is often preferable to unmatch someone, rather than just let the match wait without talking! It is better for your ELO ranking :).

And think about the other person, at least they won't be left expecting. It is also better to do that, rather than lying to yourself thinking you will sometimes get motivated to talk to them! Not each person is made for you.

So when you open Tinder, take a look, and clean your match list!

Warning, be careful not to accidentally unmatch too often! It's always so frustrating, and can become a big deal if the conversation was flowing!

However, if this happens, don't worry, life will give you plenty of other occasions.

Unmatch vs report Tinder

Unmatch vs Report: What you should do

You may not know if you should unmatch or report a tinder user. If you feel the particular user could pose a potential threat to others in the community, it may be best to report the user. If you are not interested in the user it is best to simply unmatch the user. Remember the goal is to stay safe, have fun and even make a meaningful connection!

More things to consider


Unmatching and reporting someone on Tinder is sometimes necessary, its okay! It can provide you peace of mind at the end of a sticky situation. It is not rude to unmatch someone on Tinder, it is simply taking care of your needs. If someone crosses a boundary, it may be best to simply end the contact. The user will not be notified of the unmatch, however, they will not be able to see you in their chat window anymore or view your profile. You will not appear in their match list or match queue.

Utilize Tinder`s Safety Toolkit

The app has many safety features built in. For example, users with a blue checkmark have had their identity verified. Additionally, tinder has a safety center. To visit the safety center, open the app, tap the profile icon and select safety.

Reconsider unmatching

Reconsider unmatching, a tinder match if

  1. Something happened that was a bit embarrassing
  2. there is a communication issue or other confusion
  3. The app is too confusing

You may feel like utilizing tinder unmatch due to a communication error with the other person, but consider making no permanent action. Ponder your primary reason for wishing to unmatch and potentially reevaluate.

BeyondMatching has tools and resources to help you date, communicate effectively and have a great conversation with your match.

Moving Forward

With anything, there is the good and there is the bad. Tinder allows you to connect with an array of individuals you likely wouldn't meet otherwise! If you have a negative experience, do not let it discourage you from meeting meaningful people and obtaining more matches.

Tinder report that 50% of matches meet up in person, so the more you use it, the more likely you will achieve results. Many Tinder users report feeling lost or hopeless right before they meet the right person. Have faith and consider reading more tips at BeyondMatching.com.


Navigating tinder and the dynamics of online dating can be tough, but we're here to help and want everyone in the community to stay safe and comfortable. Consider utilizing features put in place to keep you safe when necessary.

Remember, it's okay to unmatch someone on tinder. You're not obligated to talk to everyone. If you ever feel uncomfortable, please reach out for help.

Additional Help

For additional assistance, please go to Tinders Help,  and submit a request.

For additional dating tips, please keep an eye on BeyondMatching.com and join the community of online daters and view our tinder hacks!

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