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Tinder Vibes, Increase Your Matches Now 2021

Ever wondered what are Tinder Vibes? The latest feature to get better dates so far! Learn everything you need to know, to get the most out of it and skyrocket your Tinder experience!
Tinder Vibes, Increase Your Matches Now 2021

Chances are you might have come across  'Vibes'  when using Tinder, and you may be wondering - what in the world is this?

With Tinder in the past, it wasn’t always easy to find your ideal date. You would need to check a girl’s bio and pictures to judge if she was a compatible partner for you.

However, the old-fashioned method of Tinder matchmaking was ineffective, and if you wanted to meet the right individuals, apps like Hinge and Bumble were a better option.

Vibes are Tinder’s way to right a historical wrong. How does this work? Let’s have a look.

With Vibes, you can match with people who have similar wavelengths and interests.

Here’s how this works - both you and the girl will be asked a series of questions ranging from ‘pop culture’ to ‘personality traits’ to see whether you both vibe and are a good fit for each other.

If another girl chooses the same answers as you, you’ll see a ‘mutual vibes’ badge on her profile.

Vibes will be displayed on people’s profiles for 72 hours.

What will we cover in this article? See below. Jump on the section you want if you that's what you need to know most!

  1. What are Tinder Vibes?
  2. How does Tinder Vibes Work?
  3. How to activate Tinder Vibes?
  4. How to deactivate Tinder vibes?
  5. Reasons Why You Should Use Tinder Vibes
  6. What Are The Best Answers On Tinder Vibes?
  7. What Happens After I Play Vibes?

how do tinder vibes work

How does Tinder Vibes Work?

Like its predecessor, Swipe Night, Vibes isn’t always available. It only comes as an event. When the event shows up, it shows up for everyone in the region you’re swiping in.

During the event, you have an opportunity to answer Vibe questions and match with the right people.

how to activate tinder vibes

How to Activate Tinder Vibes?

  1. Open up your Tinder app and go to the profile screen.
  2. Then click on the ‘settings’ button and scroll down.
  3. Halfway down the settings page, you’ll notice a tab called ‘Vibes.’ Click on this and then click on the button that says ‘Participate in Vibes.’

how to deactivate tinder vibes

How To Deactivate Tinder Vibes

Use the same process as above, but just deactivate the ‘participate in Vibes’ feature to turn it off.

Keep in mind that if you deactivate Vibes, you cannot determine if others are using the feature. You can still match with people, but you can’t see their answers to questions, nor can they see yours.

While there’s no sane reason to turn Vibes off, but there are two solid reasons to keep it on. Read on to find out what they are.

why using tinder vibes

2 Reasons Why You Should Use Tinder Vibes

Visibility Boost Free

Using Tinder Vibes is like a free visibility boost cheat code. You don’t need to purchase expensive boosts, thanks to the feature.

With Vibe, you get shown profiles of people who answered the same questions as you. As you can see, that’s even better than a standard boost as you’ll match with people who are more compatible with you.

No more wasting time chatting with good-looking people who disappoint you in the end.

Boost Your Elo Score

Tinder often rewards users who use their new features by bumping up profile visibility. They do so because they want their users to be more engaged on their app.

If you use Vibes, Tinder will reward you with a higher ELO score. A higher ELO score means more visibility and in turn, more matches (especially with hot girls).

If you do not know about the ELO score, check out our article about it. There are a lot of chances you are missing little tricks to improve it!

Best answers on tinder vibes

What Are The Best Answers On Tinder Vibes?

It Depends On Your Niche Market

Vibes gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet girls you’ve always dreamed of meeting. No more boring dates with girls who compel you to take the fork in front of you and stab yourself.

So what answers you choose depends on what type of girls you are looking for.

Do you want girls who are serious and looking for a relationship? Or do you want girls looking for a fling?

Do you prefer girls who are more into podcasts or girls who enjoy playlists?

Depending on your preference, you should pick an honest answer. There’s no point in lying on Vibes - it will just lead to boring dates and uninteresting girls.

It Depends On Your Interests

Choosing the right answer based on your ideal girl is only half of the equation. The other half involves choosing answers that resonate with you. Do not fake answers.

Faking answers can get the girls all hot and bothered to meet you - only for her to be sorely disappointed when she sees you’re not what you claim to be. Don’t be shocked if she ghosts you then.

Answer authentically, and you will be rewarded appropriately.

What after using tinder vibes

What Happens After I Play Vibes?

After you match with a person who you ‘Vibed’ with, you both can see each other's answers. You can then start a conversation with her based on one of her answers.

Vibes give you a great chance to connect with someone on a deeper level. You can then have an interesting conversation that has a higher likelihood of leading to dates.

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