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Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder? The 5 Photos You Should Never Use

Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder? The 5 Photos You Should Never Use

We analysed thousands of Tinder profiles of people struggling on Tinder.

I was reading some good tips about pictures, but I was really interested by looking at what the reality looks like.

What we found is really interesting! Most people do the same mistake over and over.

Those mistakes are common to all dating apps.

You need to really invest in your pictures to have a good online dating profile. People don't know you, and your potential matches won't spend 10 hours trying to get your subtleties. Make some efforts, get more matches. Simple.

I guess most of the errors come in the same context: Here you are, you just decided to install Tinder, and you have no photos.

Alert on board! I need to find some, and if not, I'll quickly make some.  That's where the major flaw begins.

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Let's jump in the top mistakes we saw! We add an extra one at the end, it should make your life way easier.


The photo context

What's the excuse for having a bad context around the photo? Let me guess, and be honest: laziness.

Having a bad background is the number 1 flaw we saw in the photos! To give you more clues: how about a photo in a teen-ager looking, messy room?

What about a photo in front of a dirty wall?

Bro, why not just go to your city, in front of a building, a beautiful view, or other good backgrounds? Move your body!

The second thing in that regard, coming as cheap in your photos. Those little details bring your profile's perception down big time!

I mentioned it before, but if you are in a room, don't let a full bin appear in the background. We saw some people having a towel drying on a door behind them.

A cheap environment shows a lack of effort. It is perceived immediately while swiping and has no coming back. You want to show good lifestyle facts. Photos are your occasions to convey as many things as possible. Use them.



Taking a good photo.

Taking good pictures is difficult. It is actually a job! Trying to take some gives you a sense of why it is important to solicit professionals sometimes.

Bad framed pictures are just so common. People are not in the center, objects in the foreground, photos taken too far away. It is good to display friends. It is however better if we can see you in the picture.

Another common mistake is to get low-quality pictures.

  • Blurry pictures. Just retake it!
  • Pixelated photo. All phones are HD now.

Last one, the lights. Many pictures show poor lightening. We just can't really your face! Worst case this can nowadays be edited.

Should I really mention having an ugly COVID mask on your face?




Still on the technical side of things, the posing. Not everyone is a model, that's sure.

-  Side note, you can learn how to pose pretty easily.

You however need to develop skills and an eye for that!

  • Many people try to pose. That's good. But notice when the picture looks crazy staged.
  • Same with fake smiles!
  • You're actually here to show yourself! Don't hide! People abuse sunglasses, sometimes MASKS (what the heck). Or... hands in front of their faces.



What about you.

Finally, you. Let's go back to the beginning. You are there, in your bed, your comfy pajamas on. And you downloaded your dating app.

Sorry bro, but this kind of fashion won't take you very far!

Very cheap fashion is a very common mistake. We are not talking about a specific type of fashion. Many people have good style with super different vibes.

However, you'll know if you did not do a single effort in this direction.

The un-groomed face is also very common. Make sure to look clean!

And final mistake: shirtless. It is a good idea if you are in top shape.

However, it has to be done in specific conditions not to look cheap and tryhard.

Here were the VERY common mistakes we see on profiles. Try to avoid them!



A very irritating point. Many people put up to 9 pictures on Tinder, or more if they can. This can only hurt you. Like I said people won't spend more than a bunch of seconds there. It is very likely that they do not reach the end of your profile! Keep it simple.



One more thing!

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